GDOT 2018


MARCH 2018, GDOT rolled out this as a part of the proposed improvements to Highway 441 through Bishop, GA. It includes 2 roundabouts and a truck route. The truck route in these current plans runs through the UGA Equestrian Center. UGA is planning a major expansion at this equestrian center which would bring more traffic as well as much needed business to the shops in Bishop. A truck route through this property could end this expansion and cause UGA to look for other options to house their equestrian center.

On April 28th, Georgia Department of Transportation announced, at a citizens advisory meeting that was not advertised for the pubic, that it was no longer considering a bypass around Bishop, GA. This decision outraged the Mayor of Bishop and the Bishop Town Council as this much needed bypass has been promised for the last 20 years to relieve traffic through the town of Bishop. The Mayor and Council has taken action by preparing a resolution and a petition. Take a look at both and join in the fight to bring relief to this otherwise peaceful town with so many historic structures and so much history.

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The current proposal calls for three-lanes through Bishop with roundabouts at intersections on either end of town (Astondale Rd to the south and SR 186/ High Shoals Rd to the north). These lanes are to be placed on the existing road pavement with turn lane in the middle. This means that the north and southbound traffic will be pushed to the outer edges of the road pavement. This does not take into consideration the addition of curb, gutters, and sidewalks on both sides. Imagine this store owner sweeping their sidewalk with a semi-truck whizzing by at 45 mph within 3 feet (see picture below)!

By the way, there isn't currently room for the addition of the extra curb, gutters, and sidewalk in this part of the town and these historic buildings are in jeopardy of being torn down along with our jail and a couple other buildings in Bishop.

Resolution GR2017-01